ManUp is a men's conference that helps maximize your impact in your home, neighborhood, and city. Keynote speakers, local pastors, and sports personalities will challenge you to be the best godly leader you can be and raise awareness of the devastating impact of fatherlessness among youth today. Breakouts, breakfast, and lunch are included with the event. Recommended for ages 15+



8:00 am       |       Doors Open

8:30 am       |       Pre Show Trivia with Alex & Miles

Morning Show

9:00 am       |       Keynote Speaker - Miles McPherson


9:45 am       |       Morning Breakout


11:00 am     |      Lunch, VIP Lunch, & Pastor's Lunch


12:00 pm     |      Worship & Tunch Award Presentation

12:15 pm     |      Interview with Ben & Spence


1:00 pm       |      Afternoon Breakout 


2:30 pm       |      Final Session with Mike & Cam


3:00 pm       |       Prayer and Commissions

Registration Information

  • Individual registration to ManUp. Includes breakout sessions, breakfast, & lunch.

  • VIP registration to ManUp. Includes breakout sessions, meet & greet lunch with Mike Tomlin and speakers, and a gift bag with signed merchandise.

  • VIP registration to ManUp for official sponsors & guests. Includes breakout sessions, meet & greet lunch with Mike Tomlin and speakers. [enter promo code below]

Groups of 10+ get 10% off (discount automatically applied during checkout). For assistance, email [email protected]

  • Jeff Leake

    Jeff Leake [Sold Out]

    Title: Increasing Your Influence
    Description: How to be a force for good in your home, business, and the world around you.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Mike Tomlin [Sold Out]

    Title: Coaching for Success
    Description: Join Coach Mike Tomlin as he shares his journey as a coach on and off the field in a laid-back Q&A-based session.

  • Paul Hunter

    Paul Hunter [Sold Out]

    Title: Family Detox
    Description: How do you create an environment in the home where your children feel safe, loved, and yet accountable? Our children are pressed from every side by the culture, and our home often becomes a place for them to detox from the negative influences!

  • Blaine Workman

    Blaine Workman [Sold Out]

    Title: A Life that Matters: The Marks of a Disciple
    Description: In the heart of every man is a desire to leave his mark on the world… to live a life that has meaning and significance. In this pursuit, we’re prone to become preoccupied with what we do. But as we grow as men of faith, we find that God is more concerned with who we are. In this breakout, we’ll look at God’s intent for all of us as men as we consider together the marks of a disciple. Jesus’ first disciples were simple men who transformed their world. His disciples in our own day can do the same.

  • Craig Gyergyo

    Craig Gyergyo

    Title: The Power of Encouragement: Believe in Somebody
    Description: There is plenty of discouragement to go around these days. Men of all ages are constantly met with criticism, critique, and contempt. We all need the infusion of hope that encouragement can bring. How can we find encouragement and also be an encouragement to others? The life of an overlooked biblical figure provides a compelling example for us today.

  • Bill Glaze

    Bill Glaze

    Title: Men Joyfully Serving Others
    Description: Jesus said, “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant.”  His use of the term great was in reference to leadership.  When it comes to leadership in reference to men, the best leaders are servants.  In this breakout session we will not only look at the qualities of men who are servants but how to do it joyfully.

  • John Nuzzo

    John Nuzzo [Sold Out]

    Title: The Power of a God-Sized Vision
    Description: Having a God-sized vision is essential to fulfilling His purpose for your life.   Knowing the hope of your calling will empower you to live a life of significance—beyond power, pleasure, pain, or success.

  • Mike Rue [youth session]

    Mike Rue [youth session] [Sold Out]

    Title: Gotta Wear Shades: A deep dive into the traps of Social Media
    Description: In the same way that sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, we as men, both young and old, must take the necessary precautions to protect what our eyes see.  Social media has greatly shifted our self-perception and how we operate in society. The Bible says that our eyes are the windows to our souls. They are the entry point to our Thoughts, Will, and Emotions.  Because our eyes give direct access to our hearts, we as men must protect our eyes at all costs and guard our hearts, because everything we do flows from it.

  • Jeremiah Canfield

    Jeremiah Canfield [Sold Out]

    Title: Parenting Teens in Today’s Chaotic Culture
    Description: We are told that the teenage years are the worst of all the parenting stages. Yes, these years are challenging as your teen begins to form who they will become. However, as a father, God has given you the wisdom and tools to capture their heart and help them flourish through these stretching and unique years. We will unpack how to Disciple, Discipline, and Direct our teenagers with key principles from God’s Word.

  • Jason Howard

    Jason Howard

    Title: Fathering Nature of God
    Description: TBD

  • Vince Campbell

    Vince Campbell [Sold Out]

    Title: How to Possess the Promises of God
    Description: God has promised us a Life worth living… and a death worth dying! The question is, how do we ’possess’ those God-given Promises for our lives? The book of Joshua is a series of lessons for us. It is the story of Joshua’s leadership in moving God’s people from wandering through life into their Promised Life. From the choices and decisions they made to possess God’s Promises, we can take many valuable life lessons.

  • Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall

    Title: Life Management: Seven Keys to a Sustainable Life!
    Description: Feeling overwhelmed?  Burned Out?  Tired?  Looking for a sustainable life at home, work, and in the world?  Join us as we take a biblical look at how to manage your life effectively while experiencing more joy!

  • Craig Giles

    Craig Giles [Sold Out]

    Title: The Metal of a Comeback Man
    Description: Life is not one big victory or parade - it just doesn’t always go as we planned. We all know how it feels to experience disappointment, defeat, and loss. As men, we are challenged by situations that leave us frustrated and discouraged. However, there is good news (though a righteous man falls 7 times, he gets up again) with the metal, make-up, and marks of a comeback man. It’s time to live your comeback.

  • Brian Edmonds

    Brian Edmonds [Sold Out]

    Title: Next Man Up
    Description: Are you unsure if you are on track to fulfill your purpose? Are you dissatisfied with where you are in this season of life? Do you wish you had a blueprint that would guide you through each stage of your journey? Come learn how to successfully navigate each season of life and manhood journey to walk fully into your God-given destiny.

  • Adam Jones [military vets session]

    Adam Jones [military vets session] [Sold Out]

    Title: Drift Happens
    Description: In his renowned talk, 'Drift Happens,' Adam F. Jones, former US Army Captain and UH-60 Black Hawk pilot, delivers a gripping message of restoration, resiliency, and clarity. Through a raw exploration of the common hurdles that mission-minded men encounter, Adam unveils six actionable steps that promise to transform adversity into opportunity.

  • Nathan Glover [youth session]

    Nathan Glover [youth session] [Sold Out]

    Title: The Necessity of Hope
    Description: The Bible says that the three greatest virtues are Love, Faith, and Hope. Have you ever wondered why hope is on that list? This breakout will explain hope in a way that may change your life.

Calling all pastors! We invite you +1 guest to a private lunch. It includes prayer, networking, tools, and encouragement to “get outside the 4 walls” of the church and help your men learn God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

Can you donate a scholarship?

Each year we have dozens of men who would like to attend but are unable to afford admission. We want these men in the room! If you are in need of a scholarship, please reach out to [email protected].

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